Course Information

Course staff
See the Contact web page for information on course staff

We expect any student taking this course to have already taken 8.01, 8.02, 18.01, 18.02, and 5.11x or 3.091 (or their equivalents). Contact the course staff by means of the form on the Contact web page if you have questions.

Problem sets
Problem sets are due Fridays by 5:30pm. Online problems should be finished by the due day/time, and written homework should be submitted in the boxes at the ramp between buildings 8 and 16 on the third floor from building 8. Written problem sets will be accepted at 2/3 credit until the following Monday at 11 a.m., online problems will not be accepted late.

Course material
The course readings are taken from the text "The Physics of Energy", by Jaffe and Taylor. A draft of the text will be available as a reader in 3 parts from copytech. The text is still under development: Please do not distribute electronic or printed versions of this preliminary material without specific permission. Some additional references are available on reserve in the Physics Reading Room.

Lecture Slides
Copies of the slides shown in lecture will be available on the course website after lecture.

Policy on electronic devices in lecture
Use of cell phones, tablets, personal computers or other electronic devices is not permitted in lecture except by permission of the instructor.

Course grades will be based 40% on homework, 5% on class participation, 15% + 15% on scheduled midterm quizzes, and 25% on the final exam.

Policy on collaboration
We encourage students to collaborate on problem sets. However, the work you submit must reflect your own analysis of the problems and must not have been copied from the work of another student.

Quizzes will be 10/8 and 11/12. Note that quizzes will be outside of regular class hours, on Tuesday evenings. There will also be a final at a date and time to be determined.

Questions for the course staff should be directed through the Contact web page.

Corrections to lecture slides and/or lecture notes are appreciated, and can submitted on the form to be found on the Contact web page.

8.21 Energy Information Card
Corrections to and/or suggestions for future editions of the 8.21 Energy Information card are also appreciated. The form on the Contact web page can be used for these as well.